Redecker Baby Hairbrush


Goat hair is especially gentle for baby’s sensitive scalp.
oiled pearwood and goat hair
Size: 16 cm

Redecker Nutcracker


Nutcracker; also ideal for opening sparkling wine bottles
aluminium/wooden handle
Size: 18.5 cm

Redecker Mousetrap


Catch mice overnight by baiting one of these humane traps and release them the next day in an area where they are not likely to return
wire/untreated wood
Size: Ø 13 cm

Redecker Bottle Brush Set Of 5


Set of 5 cleaning brushes with wool tip

Redecker Bottle Brush W Wool Tip


Suitable for tea/coffee spouts, vases and glasses
bristle/wool bristle
area length: 12.5 cm Ø 2.8 cm Size: 40 cm

Redecker Vegetable Brush


untreated beechwood tampico fibre/union fibre
Size: 13.5 cm
Plant fibre vegetable brushes are designed to clean all types of vegetables gently and thoroughly. Each brush has a stiff side for potatoes and root varieties and a softer side for more sensitive vegetables.

Redecker Lime Katcher Kessy


The most environmentally responsible way to remove calcium from your kettle.
Place Kessy in any container used to heat water. The stainless steel mesh will soon become visibly white, as the calcium contained in the water is absorbed exclusively by Kessy. Then just tap the Kessy clean after it’s dry, and it’s ready to be used again. Heating elements and the bottoms of your pots stay free of calcium without the use of harmful chemicals.
stainless steel
Size: 4.5 cm

Redecker Pot Brush


untreated beechwood and union fibre
Size: 6.5 cm