Chocolate Chips – Semi Sweet

$3.01 /500ml (2 cups)

 Barry Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate chips are ideal for snacking, baking, or topping baked goods, yogurt, cereal, granola, and more. These versatile chips are small in size and ready to be melted or added to wide variety of recipes.

Red Potatoes – Organic – 2lb

$5.95 /2lb bag

Organic Red Potatoes 2lb portion
Serves 2-3 people (5-6 large potatoes)
Product of Quebec

Spaghetti Squash – Organic

$4.95 /ea

Organic Spaghetti Squash
Product of Mexico

Ginger (fresh) – Organic – 200g

$3.95 /200g

Organic Ginger (fresh)
Approx 200g

Turmeric (fresh) – Organic – 200g

$5.90 /200g

Organic Turmeric (fresh)
Approx. 200g
Product of Peru

Fresh Garlic Bulbs – Organic Large

$2.25 /1 qty

Large White Organic Garlic Cloves

Yellow Onion – Organic

$2.10 /ea

Organic Yellow Onion (Large)
Product of California

Organic Red Onion – Small

$0.75 /ea

Organic Red Onion (Large)

Product of California

Gala Apple – Organic – 5 for $5

$5.00 /5 qty

Organic Gala Apple
Product of British Columbia

Sweet Potato (Garnet Yam) – Organic – 2lb

$5.95 /2lb bag

Organic Sweet Potatoes 2lb portion
Serves 2-3 people
Product of California

Broccoli – Organic

$4.95 /each

Organic Broccoli

Product of California

Avocado – Organic – 3 for $6

$6.00 /3 qty

Organic Hass Avocado
Product of Mexico


$1.95 /ea

Organic Celery

Product of California