Raw Cacao Nibs – Organic

$12.93 /500ml (2 cups)

Organic Raw Cocoa Nibs are cacao beans that have been broken into smaller pieces. Organic Raw Cocoa Nibs are bold and deep in flavor, similarly to dark chocolate. Raw Cocoa Nibs can be used whole or ground, and are ideal for marinades, blended drinks, adding to baked goods, and more.

–          Certified organic
–          Certified gluten-free
–          Certified kosher
–          Raw cocoa nibs
–          Cholesterol-free
–          A source of fiber and protein
–          Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants

500ml (2 cups)

Kidney Beans- Organic

$1.35 /500ml (2 cups)

Goji Berries

$6.50 /500ml (2 cups)

Natural Goji Berries are dried berries that are both sweet and tangy in flavor, while chewy and tender in texture. Similar to raisins, goji berries are ready to eat, or can be added to baked goods, used to top foods, such as yogurt, salads, and so much more.

–          Excellent source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, and calcium
–          High in fiber and protein
–          High in antioxidants to help boost the immune system

1 serving contains 100% of your daily vitamin A requirements!

500ml (2 cups)


$1.66 /500ml (2 cups)

Chocolate Chips – Semi Sweet

$3.01 /500ml (2 cups)

 Barry Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate chips are ideal for snacking, baking, or topping baked goods, yogurt, cereal, granola, and more. These versatile chips are small in size and ready to be melted or added to wide variety of recipes.

Red Potatoes – Organic – 2lb

$2.95 /2lb bag

Organic Red Potatoes 2lb portion
Serves 2-3 people (5-6 large potatoes)
Product of Quebec

Ginger (fresh) – Organic – 200g

$3.95 /200g

Organic Ginger (fresh)
Approx 200g

Turmeric (fresh) – Organic – 100g

$2.95 /100g

Organic Turmeric (fresh)
Approx. 100g
Product of Peru

Fresh Garlic Bulbs – 2 Bulbs

$1.95 /100g

Organic Garlic Clove

Sold Out

Yellow Onion – Organic (Large)

$1.15 /ea

Organic Yellow Onion (Large)
Product of California

Sold Out

Organic Red Onion – Large

$2.00 /ea

Organic Red Onion (JUMBO)

Product of California

Gala Apple – Organic – 5 for $6.50

$6.50 /6 qty

Organic Gala Apple
Product of Argentina