Instant Hot Chocolate Powder

$2.50 /500ml (2cups)


Sugar, Whey Powder, Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Guar Gum, Artificial Vanilla

Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water

$2.95 /ea

Thirsty Buddha’s mission is to quench the thirst of life enthusiasts by offering innovative beverage options for active, health-conscious people. This classic all-natural coconut water is restorative, hydrating and full of essential electrolytes, making it the perfect drink to get you through your workout or busy day!


  • Certified Vegan
  • Certified NON-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Zero cholesterol
  • No added sugar
  • BPA-free can
  • Fair Trade

Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified organic coconut water   

Patience Fruit & Co Organic Cherry Juice

$14.95 /946ml

Our pure organic cherry juice contains no added sugar, flavours or coloring. In fact, it contains only one ingredient: carefully selected, perfectly ripened organic tart cherries. Deliciously authentic, this 100% pure juice has an aromatic flavour that will captivate you as soon as you take your first sip!

Patience Fruit & Co Organic Cranberry Juice

$10.95 /946ml

There is nothing like our pure organic cranberry juice. Because it is not made from concentrate, with no added water or sugar, it is a guilt-free pleasure you can sip almost without moderation.

Patience Fruit & Co Organic Wild Blueberry Juice

$13.95 /946ml

Get your daily dose of polyphenols with our 100% pure organic blueberry juice! 456 mg of polyphenols per 250 ml serving. Not made from concentrate and with no added water or sugar, it’s perfect as is in the morning for breakfast or to add a little splash of flavour to your drinks or sparkling beverages.

Ontarieau Still Water

$1.95 /ea

Fresh Ontario spring water

Ontarieau Sparkling Water (Various Flavours)

$1.95 /ea

Fresh Ontario sparkling spring water, available in Unflavoured, Grapefruit and Mint, and Lemon and Ginger.

Kiju Organic Juice

$2.95 /ea

Kiju Organic Juices. Available in Apple, Mango Orange, Pomegranate Cherry and Lemonade.
Size: 355ml

Steaz Iced Tea

$2.95 /ea

Organic lightly sweetened iced teas, available in Peach, Superfruit and Blueberry Pomegranate Acai.
Size: 473ml

Rise Kombucha

$3.95 /ea

Rise Kombucha
Size: 414ml

Blue Monkey Coconut Water

$2.95 /ea

Blue Monkey pure Coconut Water
Size: 520ml

Bec Organic Soda


All BEC’s flavors include pure and organic maple syrup in its recipe for a refreshing and unique taste never experienced before. Organic ingredients, pure maple syrup and a unique flavors are what makes BEC a true alternative to generic sodas on the market.

Made in Montreal.