nixit Menstrual Cup

$48.00 /ea

The nixit menstrual cup is a suction-free, easy to use solution. Made of 100% BPA-free medical grade silicone with no chemicals or toxins.

Upcycle Lifestyle Menstrual Pad Wrapper

$2.95 /ea

For stashing used reusable menstrual pads when you’re on the go! Assorted Patterns

Upcycle Lifstyle Wet Bag


This handmade wet bag with waterproof liner makes it easy to stash wet or soiled garments on-the-go!

Great for storing:
cloth wipes
reusable menstrual pads
wet bathing suits

Cheeks Ahoy – Nursing Pads – Bamboo

$17.95 /2-pairs

Product description coming soon!

Cheeks Ahoy – Nursing Pads – Cotton

$14.95 /2-pairs

Product description coming soon!